Wednesday, July 30, 2008


This past weekend Brinley went to "the ocean" with Gigi and Giggles (Penny and Sammy) and Kandi. Brent and I met them down there on Saturday. Friday was my Uncle Darnells birthday so there was to be a 'surprise" party thrown in his honor..... I don't know how much of a surprise it ended up being but they still got to celebrate his Birthday in grand Knippa style (fishing, great food, beer and wine) :D Saturday came and Brent, Brylen and I headed down to "the ocean." It was a pretty uneventful ride..... except for if you are ever traveling between Goliad and Refugio there are NO gas stations along that stretch. So if your low fuel light comes on or is anywhere close to coming on acknowledge it and fill up. We didn't run out of gas but when you know that you have 31 miles to go before you are bone dry and you go 33 miles to the nearest gas station then you are running on fumes! However, we got to the gas station filled up ($118) :( and kept on trucking. When we arrived in Rockport we made it just in time to swim with the girls in the pool. Brinley is really becoming a little fish and has no fear. Brylen just laughs the entire time she is in the water, luckily she hasn't cried about it yet. That evenign we went to the house that my aunt and uncle had rented and had a wonderful dinner and some of my grandmas famous red velvet cake!!! YUUUUMMM!! It was great getting to see everyone and visit.
Sunday we decided to take Brinley
fishing off the pier at the condo so that she could catch some "boneheads" :) or hardheads..... but NOTHING was biting. Brinley somehow lost her bait everytime "because she had a bite" oh well she had fun and that is what matters!
After that we decided to go across to Port A and grab some lunch and then head home to make it to evening service and then to try to fix the water pump at the property. We got all but the last accomplished but Herbolds Water Well Service fixed it up on Monday so my cows are happy once again!

Brylen is trying to cut her two top teeth... poor thing she just doesn't understand but hopefully they will pop through in a couple days! she is such a happy baby even when she is going through such pain. When they come through I will get some pics of my baby girl and all four of her teeth ; D Till next time Hugs Kisses and Warmest Wishes!!! XOXO

Friday, July 25, 2008

Gonna give it a try!!

Hello everyone!! I thought that to help us stay in touch with everyone familia and friends I would try out this blog thing. (bc email, cell phones, IM, texting, and snail mail dont seem to do the trick) :D

So we just returned this past week from our national show in Kansas City, MO and other than the natives (sorry northerners) everything was great! We are very involved with our cattle and love to see our hard work pay off. Brinley, my mom, Harrison (hired help) and I all left on July 11th with the big rig and the HUGE trailer loaded down. I vaguely remember a couple of months ago when we were looking at the new monstrosity of a trailer (40x8) and thought.. " wow with this thing we will never run out of room." Well........ with 10 head of cattle (one being a yearling bull and a cow calf pair) and all of the stuff that it takes we were tight. However, off we went northbound on I-35..... (Brent and Kandi flew to KC that evening) I have to say that traveling with a 3 year old defiantly has its humorous moments but to say the least when we got to North Texas we were done for the night. Luckily the Glasscocks were great hostesses and we crashed in Pilot Point for the night. Next day was more driving until the big city of KC came into view. (by the way I am the queen of the windmill game and can even win it while talking on the phone) When we arrived we got kinda lost in downtown KC but my mad driving skills if I do say so myself got us there just in time to work our butts off for the next 5 hours setting up tack, getting the cattle situated and the occasional bickering of whose way is the right way.... we got done and in bed. Brent flew back home on Sunday to work for a couple of days and take care of Brylen (with the Samantha Andrews help across the street and Cathys) but yes Brent had Brylen all by himself :D Sunday, Monday and Tuesday constituted of a bunch of work, and fun but waiting for the show days to start. Wednesday was showmanship and Kandi did an awesome job and placed in the top ten showmen for the nation!! Yay Kandi!! By Wednesday evening I was desperately missing my little bug and husband so 9pm could not come quick enough. Brent, Brylen, Cathy, Kimberly and my dad all flew in that evening and Donny flew in Thursday evening from a meeting in San Fransisco. However, they did not come a moment to soon Thursday was the start of the show days and to make this long story shorter we did pretty well. 4-Class winners 2- Seconds 1-Third and two DIVISION CHAMPIONS. Kandi also won Premier Exhibitor and Premier Breeder for the third year in a row. All in all I cannot complain about our Junior Nationals, we knew it was going to be tough and we took all babies but the best is when reputable breeders are looking at your cattle to purchase and show. It takes all of us all year to make this work and I cannot thank everyone enough for all the hard work that is put into making Baer Creek Herefords what it is! We finally made it back home on Sunday July 20 and I was so glad to sleep in my own bed again!! To say the least this week has been a lazy week of unpacking, washing, cleaning, trying to start my to do list that I have put off till after Jr Nationals and getting the girls back into their schedules.

I hope that I did not scare
you off with this LOOOONNNNGGGG entry but if you are still interested I will try to post at least once a week as to keep you informed what is happening in the Casa Beicker!!