Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lone Star Classic

This past Saturday Brinley showed at the Lone Star Classic in San Antonio at the Rose Palace. No, it was not another cow show but this time an Arabian Horse Show. She showed Casper in 10 & under showmanship. The class consisted of 5 kids all 10 and under.... the boy that beat her I want to see his birth certificate, I know that he drove himself there :) The class consisted of entering the ring at a trot and trotting the perimeter of the ring. She then was to line up behind the others with her horse set up waiting her turn before the judge (1st video)
When the judge nodded for Brinley to go she then had to "perform" a showmanship pattern that she had just learned the day before. (2nd video) Although I am a little bias.... SHE ROCKED IT!!! The chick took home second place in her first show and I could not be prouder!!!! Below are two videos that I took on my phone. As soon as the photographer sends me the pictures I will upload those also.