Friday, January 21, 2011

Show us Your Singles!

In honor of Kelly’s Korner blog doing a showcase of singles I am posting about my Aunt Laurie.

Laurie is in her mid 40's and lives outside of Houston, TEXAS. She trains/shows Arabian horses.
Laurie is a genuine, beautiful Christian woman. She has strong Texas roots, loves animals (has 3 dogs and her horses) , Texas Country Music, and her granddaughter. She has an amazing relationship with her two grown daughters. Laurie is the type of person that you know will always listen and give advice without judgment, or being condescending. She is a great listener and has a very open mind. She loves to laugh and have a good time.

Lets just say, you would be the luckiest man in the world to hang with this sweet woman.

Soooooo if anyone out there has/is a handsome, fun, outgoing, animal-loving, 40-50's , Christian single man/father living in Texas....leave me a comment and lets see if we can hook up two amazing people!!!!!


Terra said...

I think Laurie might be a great match for my dad. He just turned 50 (although you would never know it!) this week, lives in Tulsa, OK. He is fun, great with his grandkids, likes to do things outdoors (fish, hunt, etc), and likes to stay active. He is a Christian man and would love to hear more aobut Laurie. I can send you info and pictures if she is interested.

Larry said...

From the looks of it, Laurie is all that you say she is. I do live in MS and am settled here as Laurie is in TX. However, I do visit friends in Houston from time to time and if it worked out....would like to meet Laurie maybe over coffee or lunch. I'm not sure but I might be up for a riding lesson! Anyway, my e-mail address is and I'm 287 on Kelly's Korner.

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