Wednesday, March 9, 2011

BIG Surprise!

There are plans that every family makes:
*how to manage money
*items needed at the grocery store
*how many kids to have
*when to purchase a new car
The list goes on...

Then there are the plans that God makes for your family.
After the shock wears off, you come to realize that although it is a very big surprise, and not exactly what you had planned AT ALL, it is indeed a blessing and a joy at what God truly desires for you.

Coming this fall we will be a family of 5!


Kent and Jenna said...

Hooray! Congrats! Y'all make beautiful babies!

KrisKay said...


Kelli Weakly said...

OMG! No way! So excited for you! My 3rd was my easiest adjustment... until my 4th. LOL! It just keeps getting easier and more fun! I traded my 5th for a tummy tuck and a baby would've been much easier and less painful! ;) CONGRATULATIONS and keep us posted!!! xoxo

ashley said...


kevin21 said...

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