Monday, September 12, 2011

Where do you find your happiness?

Where do you find your happiness?
Wow where to start..... daughters smiles
2.a good song that comes on the radio at the perfect moment
3. my best friend "The Hubs"
5. watching my daughters ride
6.newborn baby calves
7.Evian water
8.the perfect pair of heels
9.finding $$ in the dryer
10 a cold beer
11. being totally caught up on the bank records
13. watching my daughters sleep
14. chicken gizzards
15.a new sharpie pen
16.random phone call in the middle of the day with a good friend
17.clean sheets
18.Gods Word
19.picking up my girls from school
20.the future
21. AFTER a good workout
22.a spray tan
23. my daughters stories daughters
25. the sunrise
26.the sunset
27.a medium rare steak
28.Scentsy skinny dipping
29.The Bobby Bones Show
30. my family
31. post-it notes
32. losing the remote to our bedroom tv\
33. almonds
34. green grass sunglasses
36.sitting outside my parents house at night by the creek
37.the smell of my daughters heads
38.the barn
40.a clean car
42.caller id
43.cattle shows shows life planner
47.using my "paid" stamp at work
48.mi Madre
50.waking up each day


3 dogs and a baby said...

OH I love the Bobby Bones show! And many of your other "loves"!!

Pratima said...

superlike...i also started to list out the things...

Gl1tter @ttic said...

Sometimes it's just the simple things in life that make you the happiest. :)

Michael Aiden said...

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nasir qayyum said...